Personal productivity is synonymous to being able to manage or plan your time and resources professionally. Do you feel the need to track your time and organize your tasks efficiently to improve your self organisation? The MeoTempo app is what you need. With just a quick download, we provide you with a platform to optimize your working time and utilize your resources better.

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The Tool

Mindfulness of time

This produit section of the website assists in mastering the MeoTempo app.

You have yet another very powerful tool: your mind.
The Know-How section is all about developing additional skills.


What matters to me

“Activity” refers to themes, occupations or tasks that, as a whole, exist in your life.

Your list of activities is a broader view of your “To-do” list. It is posted right alongside your agenda. You are constantly guided by what is meaningful and valuable to you. Make the right choices!
Adding activities
I choose what matters

Type the title in the shaded box at the bottom of the list of activities, then drag it to where you want it placed.

You can also drag the icon of the upper-left corner where you want it.

Move it left, right, up or down to position it elsewhere. The color background indicates under which existing activity the new activity will be positioned.

Editing an activity
Where things become more specific and personalized

Touch “Edit” to open “Notes”.

Touch the pencil (or the activity title) to edit settings.

The color of your activity
It’s prettier

WARNING: The top-level activity must be selected beforehand. When you color an activity it also colors any linked events.

Interrelation between
an activity and an event
Getting into action

Your events are sorted according to activities, and you decide whether or not to refine the level of detail.
For example, a root activity called Friends might include a sub-activity called School Friends, under which one could have Climbing buddies.

If you create an event by dragging and dropping an activity into the agenda, it will automatically be linked to this activity.

You can drag an event from the agenda into an activity on the left. This will link the event to the chosen activity.

Measuring time
Sometimes it needs to be done.

The time used for each activity is measured.

Relevant events are used to measure how much time is done and how much time is to do.


… is precious

MeoTempo measures the duration of your events, and also assesses how much time you have available.

You know your time is limited.
Clear some time to fulfil your projects and dreams.
Time required
Taking what time is necessary

You assess that 61:40 hours are required for your studies. You already did 29:40, with 32 hours left to do.

The time required is the duration of the events placed in your agenda.

Your available time
Allowing leeway

You have 3 hours of available time remaining for this week. This duration is obtained by subtracting from the time available for the week the events that are already placed in your agenda.

MeoTempo assesses how much of your time remains available every day, week, month and year.

The focus periods that you determine for a typical week are used to calculate your availability. This setting is unique, and applies to all your upcoming weeks.

This setting is accessed through the tab More in the Availability section.

Distribution of time
Life and its multiple dimensions

The Bar tab shows how your time is distributed in a given period.

To choose a focus period, click on All events in the upper left corner.

The present moment
carpe diem

The event you are starting becomes your present moment.
It is identified with a sun icon.

This event is unique. And you can access it in the Now tab.

The time you start and end an event adjust when you select “Begin” and “End”.


Being consistent

Your notes are linked to an activity or an event.

Two places to take notes
activities and events

Notes concerning an activity are shown in the upper part, in the Notes window.

Then comes the list of events linked with this activity. To accede to notes concerning an event, click on the event title.

Reach your notes
Continuation of the memory

Click on an activity or an event. Selecting the Edit option gives access to notes.

Or double-click

Edit your activities and events
Life is constantly evolving

You can modify the titleand its parent, and choose a calendar.

The related activity is the activity placed in the upper part of activities structure. Top-level activities are root activities.

An activity can sync with your local calendar.

Learn more…

You can modify the title, the date, the duration, and the parent, of an event, and program an alarm.

A moment may or may not be accurate in time. You can choose its date and time, or place the event in one of the strips: day, week, month, year, or life.

The + and — buttons at the top are used to define accuracy. The lower set of + and — buttons are used to select duration.