Planning your stuff


Think big, start small

The only power you have is over the present moment.
But it is precisely now that you are creating your future.

Sometimes you dream of fabulous projects. Don’t hesitate to think big. Your deepest ambitions can give meaning and direction to each of your small daily actions. They give them meaning.

You were born to act. Materialize your choices through actual actions. Your actions will take you further, one step at a time.

Planning is a back-and-forth process between your life project, your activities, and your schedule. This is a dynamic process. It constantly evolves.

Your stuff

Who am I?

Your “stuff” is what you presently do in your life. And what you do is intimately linked to who you are.

Do you consider what matters most to you before undertaking any significant planning? If not, consider doing so. Thinking thoroughly about your life project is vitally important.

Start planning your “stuff” from your actual situation, without racking your brains.

If you have a job or are studying, create activities accordingly. Place what is already in your life before adding what you would like to see happen.

Fight the urge to be too specific. This can be done later, if the need may be.

You might realize that you already have a lot, or even too much on your plate?
In this case, stick to the basics.

Once you’ve sketched your situation, go to the succeed section and read on eliminating the unnecessary to get yourself back in a comfortable situation.

Your tasks

Getting into action

You are getting into action when your stuff becomes more specific through tasks that become events.

But what do the words stuff, activities, dimensions, tasks and events mean?

Your studies are one of the important dimensions of your life. Like your Spanish course, they appear in your list of activities, as does your work on Barcelona. This work breaks down into several tasks, such as reading certain documents. You planned several events in your timetable to read them. All this stuff is part of your time management.

In a word, stuff includes everything. Let’s say it means everything that crosses your mind when you reflect over the choices you make in life and how you use your time.

Dimensions refer to the broad themes of your life, such as family, work, studies. Those are generally your main activities, and are at top level.

Your main activities are broken down into sub-activities, which are somewhat further from the notion of dimensions and closer to being tasks.

With time, you will develop self-expertise and will find the way to use MeoTempo that best suits you.

Your notes

A tool to clarification one’s thoughts and a reminder

Technically, in MeoTempo, notes are linked to an activity or an event. Roughly, one refers to a general idea and the other refers to what takes place in time.

In fact, writing allows to clarify one’s thoughts and helps the memory. Here are a few lines of thinking on the topic.

Clarifying thoughts

Clarifying and sorting out your thoughts are an unavoidable step. The simple act of writing what you wish to undertake can prove very helpful.

To validate a target, go to the Discipline section on page Decide. The list of questions to ponder under SMARTER can be complemented with the following questions:

  • What exactly do I want to accomplish?
  • How is that important for my well-being?
  • Who could help me?
  • Where will I fulfil my goal?
  • What resources are necessary?
  • What are the constraints?


The world is complex. And it is bound to get more complex. Having proper, structured and easy-to-access information is a huge asset. It also relieves your mind while helping your memory.


Think about your potential and the opportunities that you have ahead. Brainstorm on all what you can do.

You have a lot of liberty.
Create your future.