Choosing what matters to you


Your life project

So you have a never-ending to-do list?
That’s a good start.

Now, how about giving up what’s unnecessary?
And focussing on your life project instead?

How about taking the time to ponder over what you wish to accomplish and to that person you long to be?

Choose all the things that matters to you and write them down in your activities, right next to the agenda. They will guide your everyday choices.

You can take whatever time is necessary to get to know MeoTempo by synchronizing a few activities with your iPad/iPhone calendar. Use them both until you’ve had time to assess MeoTempo.


Positive :)

It’s all in the attitude.

When choosing your activities, pay attention to your physical and mental state. Be sure your choices are not only guided by the will of being efficient. First, take care of yourself.

What goes on in your mind is just as important as the technology that you use. Give meaning to the words you choose to describe your activities.

Your life is what it’s about. Decide in all conscience to make the most of it!

Recommended reading:

Petit traité de vie intérieure, by Frédéric Lenoir de Frédéric Lenoir.



Having a structure as reference clarifies your thoughts.

  • Health
  • Family
  • Work
  • Studies
  • Leisure
  • Organization
  • Resources
  • Project

Time is a concern in all the dimensions of your life. Therefore your structure (activities) should encompass them all.

High-level activities provide a good overview. There should be only a few, and they should be simple.

The biggest chunks—health, family, work—are generally stable. For now, focus on this overview. Detailed planning will be addressed in the planning your stuff section.

Review your list of activities regularly. And be patient with yourself.

How do I add an activity?


Doing well requires discipline and vigilance.

To determine a goal, we use SMARTER, which stands for:

  • Specific
    The clearer and the more precise your goal is, the easier it will be to assess at which point it was achieved.
  • Measurable
    Using quantifiers allows to assess the effort and the means required to achieve.
  • Achievable
    Asking for the moon could lead to frustration.
  • Realistic
    Considering who I am and the means I have, is it possible for me to succeed?
  • Time-bound
    Set a date for your goal, or it might remain a dream.
  • Evaluated
    So you’ve succeeded? Good for you! And if not, assess why.
  • Revisited
    Revisiting allows to draw from one’s experience.

MeoTempo is a very powerful tool that is meant to be at your service, not the other way around. Whatever technology is used, it’s important to be vigilant and show good judgment.

Artificial Intelligence

Should we panic?

“My definition [of intelligence] is that it’s simply the ability to make good decisions in a range of sometimes shifting contexts. And being able to make good decisions requires a certain form of knowledge.

[...][A] large part of our knowledge is rather at the intuitive level, that is to say, [not] communicable. There’s a load of things you and I know, but are unable to explain.” [Translation]

 – Yoshua Bengio*

Clearly, intelligence is an asset to make good decisions.

Now, you have a lot of information that artificial intelligence still hasn’t grasped. This being said, techno is a powerful ally that cannot be overlooked.

MeoTempo mostly aims to provide you with a better knowledge of yourself. And to soothe your mind in regard to the complexity and the volume of information to consider in order to make good decisions.

Instead of panicking, build on it. Techno is here for good anyways.

* Interview of June 27, 2018 with Yoshua Bengio:
L’intelligence artificielle en 2018 : on panique ou pas? | Rad.


The laugh-and-stay-Zen attitude

Once you’ve done your best, you have little power over the results. If things did not quite work out, you might as well look at the brighter side of life, allow yourself a good laugh and land back smoothly on both feet.

As a matter of fact, MeoTempo is meant to facilitate re-evaluations. Generally, things you were unable to do today were not vital. Postpone them.

On the other side, if you are continuously postponing an event, you might want to consider this line of thoughts:

  • How important is this event?
  • Can it simply be deleted?
  • Does this event have a timeline?

Other considerations:

  • Are there things you enjoy doing, but only seldom do?
  • Are there things you dislike to do, but are often doing?

Your energy level and motivation vary constantly. That’s the way we humans are. Often, the best medicine is to let go and take things with humor.


“Know thyself” — Socrate

Learn to know yourself better. Pay attention to the environment you live in. Identify what is at stake in your life.

Being fully aware of your situation is a powerful asset. With time, it enables to clarify your dreams. They eventually become projects and are more likely to succeed.

MeoTempo is a mindfulness-based time management agenda powerfully influenced by the mindfulness philosophy.

Suggestions ::

  • Observe the behavior of your mind.
  • You have the right to sometimes be doing nothing.
  • Determine what you would like your accomplishments to be.