Are you alive?

The truth is that success is never guaranteed.
And that it often comes after several failures.

But nobody is immune to success.
It could very well happen.

In fact, you’re alive, aren’t you?
That is already something in itself.

Let go.
Enjoying this is a start.
And doing your best.

The intent of this agenda is to help you live better. And these lines — intentionally short — bring practical suggestions. Improving your life — that’s where MeoTempo’s success lies.


  • Write down what you enjoy about your life.
  • Plan a moment in your agenda during which you will simply enjoy being alive, regardless of your situation.


Superfluous is expensive

“The necessary things cost little. Superfluous things are expensive.” — Diogène

Are you uncomfortable?
This is a good opportunity to identify and review your choices.

Observe what’s in your life and figure out what is superfluous:

  • What part of my work is useless?
  • Am I uncomfortable when doing nothing/resting?
  • Does my social life satisfy me?
  • Am I spending too much time on the computer (Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube…)?
  • Can I spend less time commuting?
  • Can I reduce my material needs?
  • Can I reduce my expenses and work less?
  • Is there something else I should consider?


  • Make a SMARTER decision;
  • Program an event accordingly;
  • Make an appointment with yourself — by creating a new calendar event — to follow up;
  • Something else?

After removing what’s superfluous…
Would it be wise to wait before adding more? To first enjoy the breeze you’ve created for yourself?

Did the exercise decrease the discomfort that initiated your move?


Those who are successful

It is necessary to persevere.
That, you already know.
Therefore the real question is: how to persevere?

It’s become too difficult.

You’ve decided on what matters to you. And you’ve done your very best at planning your stuff. But after a few weeks, you give up. It’s too complicated, too difficult, too…

Improve your skills.

The following situations put forth suggestions to persevere despite the obstacles we all too often face.

Situation 1 — The unexpected

Don’t give up on your project because the unexpected comes up.

You’re planning a trip to Ireland.

And you intended to read about Dublin tonight.

But Max wants you to come over and listen to some music before going to the pub…
You just can’t say no.

You can read about Dublin later this week.

The Day, Week, Month … strips provide flexibility to your timeline. Your trip plan to Ireland is not jeopardized.

Situation 2 — Lack of time

Of course, you’re out of time just like everyone else.
Here are a few clever ways to react.

Start by measuring your time without putting too much effort.
No precision is necessary.

First, do not measure the time used for:

  • sleeping
  • eating
  • washing
  • hanging around
  • etc.

Generally, this stuff is done at specific moments of the day. What’s interesting to measure is the rest of your time.

That other part of your time is referred to as your availability in MeoTempo.
It typically groups more structured activities such as:

  • working
  • studying
  • attending an appointment
  • realizing projects
  • performing work
  • etc.


  • Determine your availability time slots
  • Plan some stuff
  • Check out how much time you’re missing, or
    how much time you have left.
    Where to look…

Now, let’s see how to reshape your schedule.

Analyze each event and decide whether to:

  • keep it;
  • delete it;
  • delete it, but write it down as a note in the activity;
  • shorten its length — stay realistic;
  • move it elsewhere in your timetable;
  • move it to one of the Day, Week, Month … strips …

Persevere, do not give up your projects and dreams. Instead, review how you use your time.

Coming soon…


Several other subjects will be addressed…
We are working on it!

And how are things working out?
We’d love to hear about it!
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