Be yourself, try it now!
start-up guide

A quick overview of MeoTempo

1 Figure out what counts for you

Modify your activity list, by adding the name of a friend, for example:

All the aspects of your life are there in your MeoTempo agenda.

2 Choose when to do it

Drag an activity to your agenda to create an event, like Maria's birthday:

Does what is important to you appear in your agenda? Are the events in your agenda important to you?

3 Take notes

Add a note to a selected activity or event... to remind yourself how cool the visit to the national park was!

Each note is part of a giant puzzle. Notes are the basis for reflection and assessment, which increase understanding. Each piece of information becomes meaningful when put in the big picture.

4 Pay attention!

Be attentive to what you do this week...

What does your typical week look like? And what would you like it to look like? How much room to move do you have?

5 Do one thing at a time

Drag the sun icon to an event you are living right now:

Are you living here and now?

6 Take a step back

Be aware of your time use:

Do you have any idea how you use your time?

7 Behind the technical aspect, there's a human being

We hope MeoTempo will help you build a healthy relationship with time. It is based on a humanistic approach. The most important thing, above and beyond the sophisticated tool, is that you live fully and get the most out of your time. Our mission is to help you do this.

So, short texts to stimulate reflection have been inserted amidst the technical information. You'll find these texts in a box, like this one. The intention is to explain the reason for each function, above and beyond the technical aspect.

We're convinced that MeoTempo can really help you achieve your projects and your dreams. On the other hand, it is good to use it with discernment. Maybe at some times in your life MeoTempo won't be as present, while at others it might be your constant companion. It is up to you to discover, using these texts for inspiration, the best way to use it in each situation. And please… let us know what you'd like to see added/modified by writing to us at info@aranatha.com.

We're honored to count you among our users. And we wish you a full and happy life!